All great creative projects start with content. 

Web & Content Strategy

To make the most of any website project, its strategic foundation has to be well-considered, content-driven, and flexible. I specialize in up-front website planning, including site audits, mapping and wireframes. I also assist in the preparation of RFPs, conduct agency interviews, and help my clients select the right partner or partners for their project. 


Copywriting & Editorial Direction

The most logical extension of web and content strategy is copywriting and editorial development. I provide copywriting and editing services to many of my consulting clients, helping them follow through on their content strategy and achieve the right voice and tone, or help find the perfect copywriter for a given assignment.




Brand Strategy 

A brand is not a logo. It's the experience of interacting with a company through its content, design, and customer experience in print, digital, and the real world. Brand strategy aims to authentically reflect a company's values, products or services, and culture in order to communicate with one clear vision across all channels.