I believe strongly that every project should begin with a needs assessment, prior to making any assumptions about final deliverables our output. This period of examination leads to better outcomes and a more efficient use of funds and staff time for my clients. Below is a general list of services I provide, which I customize for e

Brand & Communications Audit 

An audit is the best first step before any type of branding or marketing project. Assessing what exists, what's missing, what's working and what's not is best left to an objective third party. Internal teams are often too close to content, caught up in their day-to-day responsibilities and frustrations, or emotionally involved in the success or failure of a given initiative to effectively conduct an audit. An audit can also be tailored to investigate your current challenges by focusing on messaging, voice and tone, design, technology, or all of the above. 

Brand Strategy 

Why does your organization exist? Can you name your most important audiences? What are your core beliefs? What makes you different? Most importantly, can your entire team agree on these attributes? A brand strategy takes into account your business goals, strengths, differentiators, and audiences to craft documentation that will guide you toward more authentic, effective communications.  

RFP Development and Agency Matchmaking

My experience on both sides of the client/agency aisle means I understand how to prepare for a successful project, and how to anticipate issues before they arise. I have personal experience working with many web firms, allowing me to act as a proxy for my clients in helping them find the right creative partner.  

Building an RFP that communicates your goals properly is the first step to finding the right agency. This process also helps clarify internal workflow for the project, identify necessary stakeholders, and determine chain of command for decision-making. Discovering some of these potential roadblocks and creating a plan of action before involving an agency saves time and money in the long run. 

Once an RFP is finalized, I work with companies to select a short list of agencies to reach out to, interview, and create proposals. rom there, we can select the most appropriate agency for the job, negotiate pricing, and start the fun part. 

Content & Web Strategy

Before embarking on a project as important (and pricey) as a new or revamped website, content planning is a crucial process that will ensure the longevity of your site. My services include:

  • Content planning
  • Site map / information architecture
  • Wireframes

Content Development

The final step is crafting concise, intelligent, on-tone content. While I do provide copywriting and editing in some cases, I also know my style is not always the perfect fit. By reaching out to my network of freelance writers, photographers, and videographers I can create the right team to put the final polish on your content.