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Content Strategy is a term that can encompass a broad variety of services and areas of focus — from structuring metadata all the way to creating an editorial voice and tone. Our focus is on ensuring your digital content reflects your brand promise, and on structuring and planning for content that is useful, useable, findable, and maintainable.  

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Website & Content Analysis

The first step toward better content is an honest evaluation — both qualitative and quantitative — of your content, site (or digital product) structure, and usability. Typical tasks during this phase of work include: 

  • Complete site audit
  • Internal and external interviews
  • Content review
  • Analytics review
  • Workshops

Content Structure and Information Architecture

Analysis often identifies clear areas in need of improvement. Maybe your site map reflects your internal structure and not a user or buyer's mental model, or maybe your information architecture hasn't kept up with your organization's growth or changing priorities. Content restructuring can take many forms, but may include:

  • Site mapping
  • Information architecture documentation
  • Content modeling

User Flows & Personas

User flows and personas can be incredibly useful tools for codifying your site goals; reframing these goals as they relate to user needs; and planning for content improvements, types, or features that will fulfill those needs. Personas help guide decision-making around improvements and changes, and can be can be used as the basis for site personalization, dynamic content display, and segmenting. 



Depending on whether you have in-house design and development talent or work with outside agencies, we can take content strategy all the way through wireframes. Wireframes form the structural basis for your site before visual design is layered on top, using established grid systems and methodologies to plan for responsive breakpoints, page templates, and content modules. They can also help test nomenclature and information architecture, articulate complex user flows, and refine your features list.

Detailed wireframes are an insurance policy against proceeding too far down the path of a redesign without understanding your true content needs.  


Content Templates and Documentation

Often, content development is far from a centralized process. Strong governance and materials to help facilitate organized content creation are of critical importance to maintaining your content strategy over time. 

Depending on the makeup of your team, we can develop internal governance rules such as periods of review, decision-making procedure, and roles and responsibilities or workflow. This naturally leads into the development of an in-house Style Guide, which is particularly helpful for distributed teams. 


Finally, we can work with you on content development, whether by creating it ourselves or by overseeing other writers or internal resources. Sometimes all the pieces are there, and you just need a strong editor to bring it together. And in the case of a bigger overhaul of either your business offerings or your brand voice and tone, new content is a critical piece of the puzzle. 

Copywriting & Editorial Oversight